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Web Development Cyber Height People have started using mobile devices for everything that earlier used to be the realm of desktops. With this shift, one thing is very clear, mobile is taking over desktops. This shift has made it very important for your website to be mobile friendly. Why? You can just create another website for mobile. Well, that means double investment and double maintenance. What if we tell you that you can manage both the mobile and desktop views through the same website? Yes, it is possible, the technology is responsive design.What is responsive design?Responsive design simply put is the technology which allows your website to customize itself according to the device it is being browsed on. On a desktop, the website would have a normal view, but once you view it on a mobile, which is a much smaller screen, the website would retract to fit to the smaller screen size. Responsive design saves you from the hassles of maintaining multiple websites for multiple devices.There are however multiple other reasons why you should make the switch to responsive design.

  1. Mobile usage is exponentially increasing – One thing that is inseparable from us today is our smart phone. We just love doing everything on it. It has become like a mini assistant that helps you do multiple tasks whenever you want to. With data costs getting cheaper, this usage has only grown exponentially. It has become very important for any business to be accessible on mobile devices to this ever increasing user base.
  2. It is good for SEO – Indexing two URLs is a big headache for search engines and it is also not good for your SEO. It reduces the credibility of their search algorithms and reduces the user experience. Owing to this, Google itself recommends using responsive design for managing multi device websites.
  3. Better sales – If you are not there on mobile, you are losing on a whole big chunk of business. The choice is now yours, can you afford to lose a huge chunk of your sales because your decided not to choose responsive design? Responsive design promises a user experience that is miles better. Better user experience automatically means more attention, more credibility and eventually more sales. In addition to this, if you do not have a mobile friendly website, you are actually not tapping a huge market that you should have. We are talking about the market that prefers browsing on their mobile devices.

If this does not convince you enough, we do not know what would. If you are fully convinced that responsive design is the direction you want to take your website to, get in touch with us and let us help you follow the path that every business wants to walk on.

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