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Landing pages Cyber Height The importance of landing pages is not very well appreciated by businesses these days. Any internet marketer would understand that once you have brought any visitor to your website, it is time to convert the visitor into a lead. Landing pages help you convert those visitors into lead and generate more sales for your business.

Marketing studies have suggested that 44 percent of visits on a B2B company’s web page, land on the home page and not on any special landing page. Even those B2B companies that have a landing page on their website; have six or less of them, yes that is less. Landing pages are the primary weapon of a marketer’s lead generation efforts and yet they have not been fully utilized by businesses. The primary reason for their limited usage is because marketing departments either do not have the bandwidth to setup special landing pages, or do not know how to set them up.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a special page on the website that allows you to gather a visitor’s information through a conversion form, also known as a lead generation form. There can be several landing pages on the website, each targeting a specific visitor group, for example one that allows your visitors to redeem offers and another that just sets up as a registration page.Landing pages allow you to generate leads by offering a visitor something that is of value for them.

Here is why you need landing pages on your website:
  1. Easy lead generation: You can simply generate more leads by redirecting your traffic to a landing page rather than to your home page. Setting up landing pages is the most important step you can take towards generating leads.
  2. Let your marketing offers give you additional benefits: Why do you want to give away your products and services as offers, when you can use them to generate leads. Let the customers pay you with their contact information in order to avail an offer.
  3. Demographic data collection can help your marketing efforts: You can collect demographic data of the visitors that come to your website. This way you would not need to spend money on market research as you would be able to gather the required data through landing pages.
  4. Are your marketing offers any effective? : You would get the answer through the data you collect through landing pages. Better marketing offer directly results in better and larger number of leads.

Landing pages are the most important tool for lead generation and often the most ignored too. Let us help you boost your lead generation efforts by helping you set up landing pages on your website. Use our expertise in the field and see your lead generation skyrocketing.

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