HTML5 CSS3 Cyber Height Technology is developing every day. As it develops, it also helping businesses evolve on the way. HTML5 and CSS# are such technologies that are changing the way we see things on the web.

What is HTML5?

HTML is a web language that is used in presenting and structuring content across the web. HTML5 is an evolved version of HTML that meets the ever increasing demand for cross device and rich media. HTML5 is supported by all the latest desktop and mobile browsers, which makes it a mistake to ignore the importance of this technology, especially when talking about your mobile website.

What is CSS3?

CSS3 is an evolved version of CSS, a language that gives web developers the freedom to decide how their site would look like. CSS3 can be used to customize the appearance of a website to a whole new level.

Why HTML5 and CSS3 are important for your business?

These technologies help businesses create highly sophisticated and refined web pages that work across operating systems, browsers and devices.

  1. Cost Effective and Multi-Platform: Building and maintaining multiple websites for different browsers or operating systems can put a huge dent in your marketing budgets. HTML5 and CSS3 give you the advantage of developing just one site that runs everywhere.
  2. Better page ranking

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